This is not going to happen until probably the end of 2020 or later, but I had to go ahead and announce Foxxe’s last breeding. I’ve had this breeding in my head with Grand Champion Jaws for her for the longest time, so a Big thank you to Julian Ju Ammons/LA Bully Cartel for allowing this to be possible! I think these two will do amazing together, can’t wait for the collaboration!

Happening very soon!!! 💣💥🦍🦍🦍💥💣Both very short extreme pockets. Both have produced some nice chocolate & lilac tris. I can’t wait to see the collaboration between these two! Thank you again to Jamil Thomas for the use of Macho Man (Cliquot son). 💪 Louis V meets Loco LV 🔥



Breeding happening soon. Never E’Nuff’s Hammer (Cowboy & Blyss) ❌ Dot Marie



This will probably be Foxxe’s last breeding (even though she just had her first). She wanted to go out with a BANG!! 💥 

Venom ❌ Ch Foxx E Brown 

HEAT COMING 2020 😯🔥💯

#Venomline #ExtremePocketBullies#WowFactorDogs 😯



Hugo Boss (Emenint Boss son) ❌ Ch Foxx E Brown